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Using Essences


Using Essences

Essences are energetic medicine and do not have a taste or smell. Flower essences do not contain any part of the physical plant or flower, so they are safe to use in the presence of children and animals. You may experience the diluted taste or smell of brandy, as this is used as a preservative for the energetic signature of the plant in the spring water. Because they are energetic medicines, the effects are very subtle, but powerful. The flowers for these essences were harvested ethically and most are from a family garden and bathed in spring water held in crystal bowls under the sunshine. 

There are many different ways to use essences in your daily life. Chose a way that works best for your lifestyle and needs.


Orally or Topically

The essence can be taken orally under the tongue, or put into water or tea that you drink. However, you don't have to take it orally to reap the benefits. The essence can be dropped on your physical body, like the crown of your head, or on your heart.


Put a few drops in your essential oil diffuser, you can use an essential oil at the same time if you would like, but that is not required. This is an excellent way to use flower essences in an office, classroom, or healing space. You can also add some drops to a room spray and spray as needed. 

Self-Care Bath

Add the drops to the the warm water of a salt bath and soak for at least 20 minutes. This is a beautiful way to encorporate flower essences into your self-care routine.