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About hottheart

Kaye Mills is hottheart, LLC. Her passion is to support and inspire individuals and communities in the development of their holistic health for increased resiliency through education, access to resources, and development of agency. These essences are one of those tools!

Through her own experience, flower essences proved themselves as effective allies for healing and growth. She began creating flower essences using the flowers from her mother's prolific and gorgeous home garden in 2015. She shared these essences with friends and after they used them in their own healing and with their clients, she received marvelous feedback. These friends encouraged her to make these tools available to others because of their unique and potent energies. She chose to make these one-of-a-kind flower essences available to others so they can also experience safety, freedom, and power along their healing journey.

Half of her life has been spent in Minnesota and the other half in Iowa. Her previous identity was deeply steeped in the world of music as member of the Nordic Choir at Luther College and later the Minnesota Chorale, and the National Lutheran Choir. Kaye spends time in community with a group of women that study and practice the spiritual tradition within the folkway of her Nordic ancestry. She likes to pretend she's really good at making things with clay and on a rare occasion dabbles in needle work. Some of her favorite things are flowers, ice cream, and pop culture television.

Photo Taken by Rachel Gaetz